Preserved Truffles

Consume first-rate preserved truffles 12 months a year and at a lower price than fresh truffles. Ideal for cuisine lovers who want to surprise their family or friends.

Our Range of Preserved Black Truffles

We have two different types of preserved truffle and both are of great acceptance. You can buy them online:

Our Quality Commitment

As producers we demand very high quality standards. This commitment is fundamental for Trufalia and it also extends to our preserved product range.

Our truffle is preserved at its optimum point of maturation, being a natural product without added aromas or preservatives. We ensure excellent packaging which is also elegant packaging that is often purchased as a gourmet gift.

How to use preserved black truffles

There are countless recipes with preserved black truffles that you can make, some are very elaborate and others very simple.

The use of black truffle in the kitchen, both for hot and cold dishes, has been widespread for many years in the best restaurants in the world and now you can enjoy this delicacy from Gúdar-Javalambre at home.

We propose some ideas with very little elaboration to which the use of preserved truffle will give a special touch:

Some toast with good ham and shredded truffle

What more do you need?

Black Truffle Risotto

You can't go wrong!

Don't deprive yourself of some eggs with a pinch of truffle.

Remember this one! You'll thank us for it!

Steps to buying preserved truffles online

The process cannot be simpler. Purchasing preserved truffles from the web by filling a basic information like what is requested by any online store and we send it to you where you tell us. Without intermediaries and at a single click of a finger. We invite you to incorporate our products into your recipes.