Black Truffle Carpaccio

The black truffle carpaccio from Gúdar-Javalambre that we market is an essential condiment in the kitchen of restaurants and individuals with good taste. Fast shipping and guaranteed delivery in perfect condition.

Carpaccio de trufa

49,95  (IVA Inc.)

Net Weight: 57g / Drained Weight: 30g

The Characteristics of Our Black Truffle Carpaccio

Origin: Spain

Ingredients: Tuber melanosporum, extra virgin olive oil and salt.

Nutritional Information (100g):

  • Energetic value: 466kJ/111kcal
  •  Total fat (3,5g) with a saturated fat total of (0,6g)
  •  Carbohydrates. (13,6g) with a sugar total of (<0,5g)
  •  Proteins (6,2g)
  •  Salt (NaCl) (0,44g)

*Once the jar is open, keep in the refrigerator and consume in 5 days.

Buy laminated truffle at a low price

In Trufalia we can offer you laminated black truffle in extra virgin olive oil, without added preservatives or aromas and packaged in a glass container.

It is a product of great flavor and aroma, with which you can enjoy in your kitchen and make a difference to your recipes. With this artisanal type of preserved black truffle you can enjoy authentic truffle in your dishes throughout the year. Buy truffle carpaccio online without intermediaries ensuring a cheaper price.

Carpaccio made with the best truffles

Our truffles belong to the variety Tuber melanosporum. This variety is black both outside and inside, and its aroma and flavor are much more intense than other varieties that are distributed as black truffle on the market.

Our product is the fruit of hard work on a daily basis and learning from the last three generations. All our effort is poured into our truffles to offer you, in the comfort of your home, a gourmet product of the highest quality.

Our fields are located in Teruel, in one of the largest black truffle producing areas (Tuber melanosporum) recognized worldwide. We collect the truffles by hand when they are at their optimum ripening point and laminate them with care to achieve this unique seasoning.

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