Whole Black Truffles

Authentic whole black truffle in its juice, without added preservatives or aromas, packed in a glass container. This type of artisanal preserved black truffle will allow you to enjoy this delicacy throughout the year. It is a luxury product that any foodie can buy at an affordable price nowadays.

Whole Black Truffles

39,95  (IVA Inc.)

Net Weight: 30g / Drained Weight: 20g

Information about our black truffles in their juice

Origin: Spain

Ingredients: Tuber melanosporum, extra virgin olive oil and salt.

Nutritional Information (100g):

  • Energetic value: 466kJ/111kcal
  •  Total fat (3,5g) with a saturated fat total of (0,6g)
  •  Carbohydrates. (13,6g) with a sugar total of (<0,5g)
  •  Proteins (6,2g)
  •  Salt (NaCl) (0,44g)

*Once the jar is open, keep in the refrigerator and consume in 5 days.

Black Truffle Properties

The melanosporum tuber collected from our fields in the region of Gúdar-Javalambre has important properties and benefits that we like our customers to know about.

It has great nutritional value. It is true that it is consumed in small amounts but black truffle contains more protein than conventional mushrooms, calcium or iron, as well as folic acid and vitamin C.

A great choice for diets. Whole black truffle laminated or grated is an excellent substitute for fatty and less tasty condiments. Highly recommended by nutritionists, especially for those with cholesterol problems since this type of truffle does not contain cholesterol. Therefore, it also helps prevent cardiovascular disease and is advisable for those with diabetes.

A great ally against aging. It is a product with a high antioxidant content and is proven to be useful in combating aging in the body.

Enjoy grated or laminated truffles

The most common and recommended use for the whole black truffle in its juice is grated or in sheets sprinked onto different dishes.

The foods that best combine with the black truffle are the densest and fattiest ones such as eggs, cheese, meat, foie, butters and oils to which the laminated or grated black truffle reinforces its flavor and aroma.

Whenever you use truffle in your recipes, remember not to cook it for long or it will lose its aroma. It is better to grate it on the plate just before serving or at the last heat stroke to flood the table with all its aroma.

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